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Solar Powered Electricity in Southern Vermont

Solar Pro installs photovoltaic systems that produce electricity from the sun.  We design, install, and service high quality solar power systems for homes, farms, and businesses in Southern Vermont.  Solar Pro is a full service solar company that builds rooftop and fixed ground mounted systems.  AND, we are proud to be the regional dealer for Vermont's innovative AllSun Tracker by AllEarth Renewables.


(802) 375-6462

Solar power is a better investment than buying your electricity from Green Mountain Power.  100% financing with very low interest rates is available from many local lenders.  Call us for contact information.


The time is NOW to install solar power!

Tax credits expire very soon and Green Mountain Power has a mandated limit on grid-tied solar power systems.  Don't wait to put your project on our installation calendar so that you don't get left in the dark without a solar power system!  Call us today for a free solar site evaluation!

Solar saves $$$ money $$$ on your energy bills!

Solar reduces our dependence on fossil fuels!

Solar improves the value of your home or business!

Solar provides you protection against future higher fuel costs!

Solar provides you with a positive, tax-free return your investment!

Solar reduces your carbon footprint by lowering CO2 emissions!

Solar causes no air pollution!

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